9 Best Skin And Health Benefits Of Bergamot Oil And Best Oils To Blend With

Bergamot Essential oil is obtained from Bergamot orange or fruit rind. Bergamot is a tropical tree that has citrus fruits from which the oil is extracted. The tree is commonly found in the Mediterranean area. The cold pressing technique of oil extraction is used to get the oil from Bergamot fruit rind. About 100 Bergamot oranges give an approximately three-ounce oil. Due to its healing properties, the oil is used to get relief from health problems. It can heal skin diseases quite well. The oil may reduce the cholesterol levels as well. It is used as a traditional medicine due to its health benefits. However, sometimes the oil can prove to be toxic and it should be used with care. Knowing the side effects of the Bergamot oil is useful for avoiding problems. Let’s know about the Bergamot oil in detail and become familiar with its properties, uses, health benefits, toxicity, and side effects.

Uses Of Bergamot Essential Oil

The aroma of Bergamot oil is used in the food industry for making sweets and liquors. The oil is one of the ingredients that are used for making the Earl Grey tea. The perfume industry uses Bergamot oil for making perfumes and fragrances. The oil is an important ingredient of many types of aromatherapy used for various health problems. It helps in a faster healing of wounds so it is a part of folk medicine for wounds. The popular uses of Bergamot essential oil are as follows.

1. Use In The Diffuser

Bergamot essential oil improves the mood when used in a diffuser. (1) Thus, you can diffuse the oil and enhance your mood. Inhaling the oil reduces anxiety, tension, and stress. It helps in calming you. If you diffuse the Bergamot oil along with lavender oil and use it, it will help you in recovering from grief and a feeling of loss of a loved one or someone dear to you.

2. Use As A Moisturizer

Bergamot essential oil can be used as a homemade moisturizer when mixed with aloe vera. (2) For this, mix fifty drops of the oil with one-cup aloe gel. Apply on the skin as a moisturizer. It will moisturize and hydrate your skin naturally.

3. Use Topically for Psoriasis

Use the Bergamot essential oil directly on the skin. It helps in healing psoriasis. (3) After applying the oil, expose your skin to UV light.

4. Use The Oil In A Sitting Bath For UTI

Take a sitting bath for healing the problem of urinary tract infection by using the Bergamot essential oil. (4) Fill water in a bowl and put 10 drops of Bergamot oil in it. Sit in the bowl in such a way that your hips are immersed in the water. Do this for fifteen minutes.

5. Use With Bathwater For Fever

Mixing the Bergamot essential oil with the bathwater and having a bath with it helps in reducing fever. (5)

6. Use With Steam Inhalation For Cold And Flu

Do steam inhalation with Bergamot essential oil for fighting cold and flu. (6) The oil reduces respiratory infections as it has antiseptic properties. Put one-cup water along with fifty drops of Bergamot essential oil in a facial steamer and do steam inhalation by inhaling the steam that comes out of the water.

7. Spray On Pillow For Insomnia

Spraying the oil on the pillow at bedtime in the night helps in inducing sleep and fights the problem of insomnia and sleeplessness. Take 1 oz. Water and after that mix ten drops of Bergamot oil with it. Spray the solution on your pillow. (7) You will have a calm sleep.

8. Use Scented Salt For Depression

Make a scented salt with Bergamot essential oil for fighting depression. Take one cup of Epsom salts and mix fifty drops of the oil. (8) To this, you should mix one-cup sea salt. Put the mixture in a glass container and smell the scent when you feel depressed.

9. Use With Other Essential Oils To Heal Sunburns

Use bergamot essential oil mixed with some other oils like lavender, chamomile, and geranium oils to heal sunburns. (9)Dilute the oil by mixing almond and sesame oils. Apply the oil mixture on the skin after skin exposure to the sun.

Smell Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a top-note perfume with a medium strength aroma. (10) It has a citrus like smell that is also floral. The scent of this oil is fresh and elegant. The international perfumery industry uses the oil to make perfumes from it due to its nice smell. The smell is a combination of a lightly sweet and spicy scent. The perfumes made with this oil have a warm and inviting smell that is liked by people.

Health Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is very beneficial for health. It has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, which makes it is useful oil for fighting diseases. The oil is analgesic and disinfectant. Black tea is prepared from the oil. The benefits of Bergamot essential oil are as follows.

1. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Get relief from stress and anxiety by using the Bergamot oil in bathwater. (11) Mix the oil with almond, neroli, and sandalwood essential oils. Mix the oils with the bathwater and soak the body in it for some time.

2. Improves Digestion

Digestions problems can be reduced by the use of Bergamot essential oil. The oil helps in fastening the digestion process in the body by producing digestive enzymes. (12) It optimizes the digestion by controlling the esophagus peristaltic motions. Bergamot oil reduces digestive problems like constipation.

3. Heals Abscess

An abscess can be healed by using the Bergamot essential oil. (13) The oil has the property to kill fungus and bacteria in the body thus it helps in fighting the infection that cause the abscess. If there is swelling in the abscess, apply a hot compress made with Bergamot oil on the affected area. It will reduce the swelling and heal the abscess.

4. Calms The Nervous System

It is possible to reduce the tension in the nervous system by using Bergamot essential oil. (14) The oil helps in calming the nerves and relaxing you.

5. Heals Sore Throat

Bergamot essential oil is beneficial for healing sore throat when used as a wrap on the neck. (15) You need to mix Bergamot oil with some other oils like lavender oil and tea tree essential oil. Mix these oils with hot water. Dip a fabric or towel in this water and apply on the neck covering with another towel. Keep the wrap for some time. It will give relief in a sore throat.

6. Expels Intestinal Worms

Bergamot Essential oil expels worms in the body like ringworms. (16) The oil helps in removing the worms from the body.

7. Helps Manage Hypertension

People who have hypertension can benefit from using Bergamot essential oil to manage the stress caused by high blood pressure. (17) For this, mix Bergamot essential oil with equal amounts of lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils. Diffuse these oils in a diffuser and run it in the evening daily for fifteen minutes. Another way to get relief from hypertension stress is running the diffuser that contains Bergamot essential oil for the whole night.

8. Heals Mouth Ulcers

If you have mouth ulcers, Bergamot essential oil can help in fighting this problem. The oil is good for oral health and it heals the mouth ulcers. (18)

Skin Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil helps in healing the skin and this is why it is an important ingredient of many skin care products. It is possible to get relief from skin problems by using the oil. The oil is used for making creams and lotions for the skin. Women use cosmetics and beauty soaps that contain Bergamot oil. You can include the oil in your skin care routine to get relief from skin problems. The benefits of Bergamot oil for the skin are as follows.

1. Minimizes Scars

If you have scars, you can fade them by using the Bergamot essential oil. The oil distributes the skin pigments like melanin on the skin equally in an even manner and fades the scars. (19) Adding ten drops of Bergamot oil to your bath water can prove beneficial for acne scars. (20) Apply the oil mixture over the scar-affected areas twice every day.

2. Reduces Dark Spots, Cleanses The Skin And Improves The Complexion

The problem of dark spots can be reduced with the help of Bergamot essential oil. The oil fades dark spots on the skin. (21) It cleanses the skin naturally and once you use this oil, you don’t have to use the store-bought cleansers for your skin. Using the oil helps in improving the complexion and fighting dull complexion problem.

3. Controls Blackheads And Oily Skin

Bergamot essential oil stops blackheads from forming on the skin. It helps in killing the bacteria present on the face thus avoiding the formation of blackheads. (22) The oil also stops the formation of too much oil on the skin so it used to control the oily skin problem.

4. Heals Acne

Women who have acne can heal the problem by using Bergamot essential oil. For this, you need to mix the oil with five times more amount of aloe vera. (23) Apply the mixture on the acne-affected areas on the skin. It will reduce the acne.

5. Helps In A Faster Regeneration Of The Skin

Bergamot essential oil helps in a faster regeneration of skin in problems like eczema and psoriasis. (24) It is useful to remove the ugly looking stretch marks on the skin.

Best Oils To Blend And Use With Bergamot Essential Oil

Essential oils gain special properties when mixed with other essential oils and it enhances their value. Bergamot essential oil can be mixed with several other oils. It blends well with geranium oil and several types of citrus oils. It blends with ylang-ylang, frankincense, rosemary, and clary sage essential oils. (25)You can mix the Bergamot oil with any of these oils and use it. The oil goes well with some other oils like black pepper oil, sandalwood essential oil, vetiver essential oil, and orange essential oil.

Toxicity Of Bergamot Essential Oil

It is dangerous for the children to take Bergamot oil orally in large amounts. There is a high risk of suffering from convulsions due to the oil. The oil has known to cause death in children. Pregnant women should not use the Bergamot oil, as it can be harmful to them. Women who breast-feed their babies should avoid using the oil. (26)

Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil For High Cholesterol

Bergamot Extract helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. The people who live in the Calabrian region have known this property of Bergamot since the olden times and so they have been using the Bergamot juice for fighting the problems of high cholesterol and atherosclerosis. (27) The juice contains high amounts of flavonoids that help in fighting atherosclerosis and inhibiting LDL oxidation. The juice is also known to contain some beneficial flavonoids that have natural statin properties. Thus, the patients who take statin medicines to control high cholesterol can reduce their medicine intake by consuming the bergamot juice with statin properties. Also, the dose of statin medicines can be reduced by taking the Bergamot along with statins. It is a natural therapy for high cholesterol. Studies have shown that the Bergamot fruit extract helps in decreasing the levels of the harmful LDL cholesterol and it increases the levels of the good HDL cholesterol in the body. (28) Thus, Bergamot is beneficial for cholesterol.

Side Effects Of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil does not cause any harm when taken with food in minute amounts. There can be some health problems if you do not use the oil in the right way. Following are the side effects of Bergamot essential oil.

1. Causes Skin Problems Due To Sun Exposure

Bergamot essential oil increases the skin sensitivity when we are exposed to sunlight thus increasing the risk of skin cancer. (29) It is advised not to use the oil directly on the skin as it can cause skin cancer. It has been found that bergamot can cause rashes, blisters, and scabs. The oil can also cause the formation of pigments spots on the skin. If you apply pure Bergamot oil on the skin without diluting it and go outdoors in the sun, there can be hyperpigmentation on the skin. Thus, avoid sun exposure when you use the oil topically. Besides this, you can have rashes behind the ears. (30) It can cause edema and erythema. (31) Do not go out in the sun for twelve hours after applying the oil on the skin. (32) Use a sunscreen at this time to avoid sun damage. You can avoid having a phototoxic reaction of Bergamot oil by using a UV-A radiation that helps in absorbing the sunscreen.

2. May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Bergamot oil may reduce the blood sugar levels and it can be dangerous for the diabetic people to use the oil. Your sugar levels can become very low if you are diabetic and use the oil. (33)Thus, avoid the use of this oil in diabetes. This can also cause problems for all those people who are undergoing a surgery in the near future. Surgery requires controlling the blood sugar levels and low sugar can cause a problem. Thus, avoid using Bergamot if you are going to have a surgery. Stop its use at least two weeks before the date of surgery.

3. Blocks Potassium In The Body

It has been found that Bergamot essential oil that contains bergapten as an ingredient functions like a potassium blocker, which decreases the permeability of potassium in our body. (34)This can cause muscle cramps.

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