9 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff


ne hair-related issue that plagues a majority of the population in today’s time is dandruff. It is a highly annoying condition that bothers people of different age groups. Both men and women suffer from this problem at some point or the other. The severity of dandruff may range from mild to serious. The reason why dandruff is highly troubling because it causes itchiness and flakiness. And, the presence of white flakes on the shoulders can become a source of embarrassment for anyone. Also, the constant feeling of itchiness in the scalp area can be pain to deal with.

People suffering from this problem go to great lengths to get rid of dandruff. From buying pricey anti-dandruff products to getting procedures done, many individuals try a myriad of methods for eliminating dandruff. Furthermore, not doing anything for removing dandruff can surely lead to other hair problems. Its presence not only affects the looks of the hair but also damages its structure leading to dry and rough looking hair. In case you are bothered with this common condition and are looking for effective and safe ways to get rid of dandruff, then do read on.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a skin condition that affects mainly the scalp area and hair. In this condition, the dead skin on your scalp become flaky and start to shed away. That is why, people suffering from this issue experience itchiness on the scalp. Depending on the severity of the condition, a person may experience mild or serious itching that could even lead to rashes. [1]

What Factors Cause Dandruff?

Affecting a majority of the population, dandruff is a scalp condition that can occur due to a variety of factors. While the most common factor is shedding of the dead cells, other factors such as hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, consumption of unhealthy diet and many more health-related factors can cause this condition. It is found that people with dry skin are likely to suffer from this problem, similarly the ones who are troubled with conditions like Psoriasis and Seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis are at a higher risk of getting dandruff. [2] Even other factors like not shampooing on a regular basis, irritated or oily skin and reaction to yeast like fungus have been known to cause dandruff. It is important to be mindful of the fact that there are tons of causes of dandruff. [3]

What Are The Symptoms Of Dandruff?

Affecting countless people all over the world, dandruff is one scalp condition that is easy to recognize. People suffering from this annoying condition experience itchiness and flakiness on the scalp. Apart from that, dandruff may also lead to appearance of greasy patches on the skin. It is extremely crucial to be on a lookout for these symptoms, as turning a blind eye to this problem can only make it worst. [4]

Are Anti-Dandruff Shampoos Effective In Removing Dandruff?

If you have ever been to a beauty store, you would have noticed the high quantity of anti-dandruff shampoos and other products available on the shelves. That is because, dandruff affects almost everyone at some or the other point in their lives. However, the anti-dandruff shampoos are more often than not chemical-based and may cause side effects. Some of the common side effects of these commercial products are irritation in the skin, oily or dry hair and in worst case scenarios loss of hair. Though, these are mild side effects, if they persist for a long time then they may cause severe damage to your hair. Very few people have found these products to be efficient in removing dandruff. [5]

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

There is no remedy for dandruff, however, it is possible to keep it under control. People who are suffering from mild dandruff can use good shampoos to make sure that the scalp does not get too oily or dry. However, relying completely on store-bought products can lead to side effects and more often than not it does not prove to be as effective as using home remedies and bringing the necessary changes in the lifestyle and hair care regimen. Try to live a stress-free life and clean your hair regularly. [6] Most importantly, incorporate home remedies in your hair care routine to be able to alleviate dandruff from the scalp in a natural and safe way. Moreover, these remedies do not cost as much as a majority of the commercial anti-dandruff shampoos.

9 Natural Remedies For Dandruff

While there are plenty of natural remedies that people have been using since ages for dealing with dandruff, there are a few that have proven to be the most effective. Here is a list:

1. Lemon

One natural remedy that has gained worldwide popularity for its dandruff-fighting properties is lemon. That’s right. The good old lemon is an amazing source of vitamin C and it is found that its acidic nature may alleviate dandruff from the scalp and hair. Its topical application can help maintain the pH balance of the scalp and keep fungal infections at bay. Just take a fresh lemon and squeeze out the juice from it. You can rub the lemon juice all over the scalp. Massage and rinse off the residue with water. For getting relief from dandruff, you can try to use this remarkable remedy at least once a day. [7]

2. Baking Soda

For decades, people have preferred using baking soda instead of commercial anti-dandruff shampoo, because of its numerous properties that make it stand out from the other natural remedies. This valuable remedy is often used after wetting the hair. Just take a pinch of baking soda and gently massage it on the scalp area. Afterwards, rinse your hair as usual. Follow up by drying and styling it. After you have used baking soda for several hair washes, you will start noticing prominent changes in the state of the scalp. Using this remedy can also result in soft and shiny hair. [8]

3. Olive Oil

Renowned worldwide as one of the most widely used natural remedies, olive oil is also known to possess properties that can come in handy for tackling dandruff. Even people who are troubled with severe dandruff can make use of this timeless remedy. The reason why olive oil is hailed as an effective remedy for dandruff is that it is an excellent source of vitamin E as well as other essential nutrients that can make the skin on the scalp healthy and dandruff-free. [9]

It has been found that using warm olive oil on an occasional basis can effectively alleviate dandruff. It aids in loosening and softening of dandruff scales, thus making them easily fall off. To carry out the useful method at home, you will just have to take a few ounces of olive oil and heat it on the stove. Once done, massage the warm oil onto wet hair and use a hair brush to smear it all over the scalp area. Cover up your hair with a dry shower cap and allow the oil to work its charm for about half an hour before using a shampoo to wash off the residue. [10]

4. Tea Tree Oil

Another potent remedy that has gained worldwide popularity for its effectiveness as an anti-dandruff natural remedy is tea tree oil. Application of this essential oil to the scalp is known to eliminate dandruff. This incredible remedy is an effective and rather inexpensive alternative to commercial anti-dandruff products that contain anti-fungal and bacterial properties. [11] There are a variety of ways in which tea tree oil can be used as a dandruff remedy. Here is one such anti-dandruff blend that you can whisk at home. Create a combination of 50 ml of each, tea tree oil and evening primrose oil. Take the solution and gently rub it directly to the scalp area. Let the oil work its wonders for the night. Use warm water in the morning to rinse off the residue from your scalp and hair. [12]

5. Salt

Salt has been a part of folk medicines since ages. Even before the advent of modern cosmetics, people across the globe used to make use of remedies such as salt for tackling a multitude of hair complaints such as dandruff. It is believed that the rough texture of salt, normal table salt, can exfoliate the scalp and scrub the dandruff from the hair. To use this remedy, you will need a saltshaker. Use it to sprinkle a little bit of salt on dry scalp area. Follow up by massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Afterwards, use a mild shampoo to wash away the salt from your hair. This remedy can reduce the flakiness as well as the itchiness to a great extent. [13]

6. Coconut Oil

The multi-purpose coconut oil is an amazing natural oil that can be easily found in everyone’s households. This oil is popular for its various properties. And, one such property is its ability to banish dandruff. It can destroy the fungus in the scalp thereby removing dandruff for good. It works on the dandruff problem with an inside-out approach and provides deep conditioning to the hair. [14] For removing dandruff, you will just have to apply little bit of coconut oil to the scalp and massage gently and thoroughly for a while. Once that is done, you can leave the oil on for good 10 minutes or if it is convenient then overnight. Use a mild shampoo to wash away the oil from your hair. [15]

7. Green Tea

It is no secret that in many cultures all over the world green tea acts as a potent home remedy that is used for health and beauty-related problem. Especially, when it comes to hair care, green tea is popular for its effectiveness. Green tea polyphenols and extracts possess a variety of properties that can help you get rid of dandruff. This remedy plays a vital role in  the shampoos and other hair products. Green tea is enriched with antioxidant agents and other compounds that help hair not just get rid of dandruff but also strengthen hair and improve its softness. [16] To use this remedy, you just need to take 2 green tea bags and steep them in a cup of hot water for 20 minutes to overnight. In the morning, massage your scalp with the prepared tea. Once done, rinse your scalp to wash off the residue. [17]

8. Aloe Vera

Hailed as an exceptional home remedy for tackling a plethora of hair problems, aloe vera plant gel found in the leaves is also capable of fighting off dandruff because of its antifungal properties. Its topical application can lead to a significant reduction in the amount of yeast on the scalp area thereby helping you get rid of dandruff. You can scoop out the gel and put it all over the scalp for desired results. Apart from that you can also consume aloe vera juice to fight off dandruff. This juice is replete with various compounds like folic acid, vitamins A, E, B1, B6, and B12. [18]

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to tackling skin and hair problems, apple cider vinegar is the most popular type of vinegar. It tackles with a wide array of common complaints like dandruff. Its real strength lies in its ability to combat yeast, one of the most common factors of dandruff. Other than that, this remedy is a great source of alpha-hydroxy acids. These compounds can remove deposits of oil from the scalp. By reducing sebum presence on the scalp, it effectively combats yeast as yeast is known to feed on sebum. By doing that, apple cider vinegar helps alleviate dandruff.

Furthermore, this remedy can be used in various ways for tackling dandruff. You can try combining 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with ½ cup grapeseed oil and 2 tablespoons oatmeal. Mix till you attain a smooth paste. Take the paste and massage it on the scalp. For at least an hour, allow the material to stay on. Use a mild shampoo to clear away the residue. This particular paste, since it contains apple cider vinegar, ensures that the pH level of your scalp is well-balanced and helps exfoliate dead skin flakes. [19]

What Precautions To Take While Using Natural Remedies For Dandruff?

Everyone has unique skin and hair type. And, before incorporating any natural remedy in the hair care routine, it is highly recommended to test them on a patch of scalp to be 100% sure that the remedy or the paste suits your hair and scalp type. Also, maintain caution while washing off pastes made with natural remedies to make sure that they do not go in your eye.

Maintain these generic cautions to ensure optimum results. Make use of these remarkable natural remedies and bring positive changes to your lifestyle for getting rid of dandruff. You can include any of the above-stated remedies in your daily or weekly hair care routine to reap the rewards of these exceptional remedies that have stood the test of time in eliminating dandruff.