5 Amazing Egg Collagen Benefits for Your Joints and Skin


ggs are among the most nutritious foods in the world. A variety of scientific studies have found that eggs possess a number of nutrients that can benefit your health in an effective manner. They contain collagen, a crucial protein that plays a significant role in the body.

Collagen is a natural protein that is produced by the body. It is a prominent structural component that ensures the proper and smooth functioning of different parts of the body. [1]  As you age, the collagen production in the body tends to slow down. This can wreak havoc on the appearance of your skin and also has a negative impact on the ability of your joints and muscles to function properly. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that there is an adequate quantity of collagen in the body. While there are various natural sources of collagen that you can include in your diet to boost collagen production in the body, if you are looking for a highly effective way, then you should consider egg collagen. It is a dietary supplement that can provide your body with the required amount of collagen essential for letting different parts of the bodywork smoothly.

A primary component of connective tissue found all over the body, collagen comprises of amino acids. There are numerous medical purposes for which collagen is used. This protein is used for tissue regeneration, reconstructive surgical uses, cosmetic surgery and even for cardiac applications. [3]

What Is Egg Collagen?

Eggshell membranes are known to contain collagen-like protein. According to studies, type 1 and type II collagen are found in the inner and outer shell membranes of eggs. [4]

Collagen is found not just in eggshells but also in egg whites. Though eggshell membranes are rich in type I collagen, there are other types of collagen such as type II, IV and X that can be found in a hen’s egg. As egg whites are known to contain a high amount of lysine and proline, adding more egg white to the diet can encourage the body’s natural production of collagen. [5]

The collagen found in the eggshell membrane is considered to be valuable, as it is often used for biomedical applications such as plastic surgery, dental implants, angioplasty sleeves, cornea repair, skin grafts among other things. [6]

Eggs are undeniably an excellent source of collagen, however, after getting cooked, the collagen composition of an egg tends to get altered due to exposure to heat. This is where egg collagen supplement comes into the picture.

The best way to obtain egg collagen is by taking eggshell membrane supplements. A majority of these supplements are available in powder form and can be found in stores. Alternatively, you may also find egg collagen in capsule form. [7]

What Are The Different Types Of Collagen?

There are 16 different types of collagen that can be found in different parts of the body. However, it has been found that there are six types of collagen that are most common. Here is the list:

Type I – This type of collagen is important for healing wounds and it can be found in different parts of the body such as the skin, heart, ligament, and tendons. It also plays a vital role in holding the muscles and bones together. Furthermore, collagen type 1 is known to strengthen tissues to avert muscles tears and bone fractures.

Type II – This type of collagen is found in the connective tissues as well as in the cartilage. Collagen type II is considered to be extremely important for the functioning of the joints. The presence of this collagen ensures the cartilage stays well-lubricated and helps the joints function efficiently and stay healthy.
Type III – Collagen type III can be found in the organs, mostly in the skin and heart. This type of collagen is responsible for maintaining elasticity and firmness of the skin and tissue.
Type IV –Collagen type IV plays a crucial role in promoting digestion and ensuring the respiratory organs function properly.
Type V – Collagen type V can be found in the placental tissues and dermal junction. This particular type encourages new hair formation. [8]
Type X – Studies have found that collagen type X promotes new bone formation in articulate cartilage. [9]
It has been established that around 90% of collagen found in the body is type I. [10]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Egg Collagen?

Over the years, various clinical trials and controlled studies have been conducted to evaluate the health benefits of egg collagen. Here are some of the proven ways in which egg collagen can benefit one’s health:

1. Helps With Joint And Connective Tissue Disorders

Connective tissue disorders mostly involve joints, skin and muscles. However, these disorders may also involve other parts of the body like heart, kidneys and blood vessels. The examples of connective tissue in the body are bone, cartilage as well as fat. Some of the connective tissue diseases are known to occur when there is a reduction in the quantity of type 1 collagen, the protein that plays an important role in maintaining the structure of the bones and skin.  [11]

As per reports, in the USA there are more than 140 million people who are suffering from joint or connective tissue diseases such as arthritis, lupus, back pain, gout, and fibromyalgia. The conventional way of tackling these disorders involves the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, these are known to cause severe side effects. That is why more and more people are trying out alternative ways to get relief from the symptoms of joint or connective tissue disorders.

Two clinical studies were conducted to determine the efficacy of a dietary supplement containing eggshell membrane on these disorders. The studies found that this supplement can be used for managing joint or connective tissue disorders. People suffering from any such disease can get relief from pain and stiffness that are associated with these disorders. Taking 500 mg of this supplement on a daily basis for a month or so is known to significantly improve the condition of those suffering from joint or connective tissue disorders. Moreover, there is no known side effect of this dietary supplement. [12]

The high collagen content in eggshell membranes makes it an excellent remedy for joint or connective tissue disorder. It is also used in medicines that are specially formulated for tackling connective tissue diseases. Eggshell membranes are loaded with valuable substances such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and lipid. [13]

2. Fights Wrinkles And Supports Younger Looking Skin

Collagen is a powerful protein that can do wonders on the state of the skin. It can give your skin a major boost of hydration and keep the formation of deep wrinkles at bay. Apart from that, collagen is known to brighten the complexion and helps maintain its overall health. [14]

A study was conducted in 2015 to evaluate the efficacy of an eggshell membrane as a potent cosmetic ingredient. In particular, the study focused on checking the ability of eggshell membrane in combating signs of aging like wrinkles that are often a result of prolonged exposure to UVB rays. Investigators also checked whether this ingredient is capable of providing moisture to the skin. Animal subjects were used in this study. It was found that eggshell membrane hydrolysates are capable of suppressing signs of aging like wrinkles and averting moisture loss in the skin. Presence of collagen in eggshell membranes makes it a potent ingredient that can be used for cosmetic purposes. [15]

Egg collagen supplements may help in maintaining your skin’s youthfulness by delaying wrinkle formation and promoting your skin’s natural beauty by keeping it well-moisturized.

3. Helps Reduce Pain And Stiffness Caused By Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects millions of people all around the world. It is one of the most prevalent and common forms of arthritis. People suffering from this disease experience pain, tenderness and stiffness in the joints. [16]

A randomized clinical study was conducted to evaluate the ability of dietary eggshell membrane supplement in tackling the pain and stiffness in the joints caused by osteoarthritis. The study involved 67 patients who were given 500 mg of the eggshell membrane supplement for 8 weeks. As per the reports, the supplement was able to significantly improve the condition of the joints of the subjects involved. It was found that eggshell membrane is a safe and potent therapeutic supplement for reducing pain and stiffness in joints of those suffering from osteoarthritis. People who took this supplement were able to get relief from the painful and discomforting symptoms of this form of arthritis. [17]

Even when it comes to relieving pain and stiffness in joints in postmenopausal women, eggshell membrane supplement is considered to be effective. A study involving 60 postmenopausal women was conducted to check the efficacy of this dietary supplement in reducing exercise-induced joint pain, stiffness and cartilage turnover. The study found that the supplement was able to alleviate pain in the joints and reduce stiffness. Also, no severe side effect was reported by the subjects. In short, this supplement helps reduce discomfort and pain post an exercise session. It could improve exercising capacity. It is crucial for people to exercise on a regular basis to stay healthy and reduce risk of several chronic health conditions. [18]

4. Aids Digestion

This is another incredible health benefit of egg collagen. Presence of powerful amino acids such as proline and glycine enable egg collagen to aid digestion. Glycine acts as an anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective agent. This substance is known to safeguard the gut from inflammation. Apart from that, it has also been found that glycine is capable of warding off intestinal injury. Therefore, glycine could ward off troubling inflammatory conditions and promotes digestion. It allows the digestive system to function in an efficient manner. [19] With the help of egg collagen, you can help your digestive system stay healthy and work properly.

5. Increases Range Of Motion

Studies have found that water-soluble egg membrane is capable of improving mobility and range of motion of the joints. Also, this supplement possesses the ability to significantly improve ones’ ability to perform daily activities.
A clinical study involving 22 healthy participants suffering from chronic pain found that water-soluble egg membrane was able to increase the range of motion of the joints. Daily intake of 450 mg of this dietary supplement led to improved joint function and also increased one’s ability to perform physical activity. [20]

This ability of water-soluble egg membrane makes it an exceptional remedy for improving the range of motions of the joints. It helps to increase the ability of the joints to carry out day-to-day tasks and participate in physical activities that are crucial for maintaining a healthy life.

What Precautions To Take Before Taking Egg Collagen?

In general, egg collagen supplements are known to be safe for use. As discussed earlier, studies evaluating the health benefits of egg collagen found that this dietary supplement does not cause any adverse effect. However, it is believed that individuals who have an egg allergy should stay away from this supplement.


In recent years, egg collagen supplements have gained worldwide popularity. Various studies and trials have been able to establish a direct connection between these supplements and health conditions. Intake of egg collagen could help a person fight a wide array of ailments such as osteoarthritis, joint or connective tissue diseases, skin problems, and wrinkles. The ability of egg collagen to promote the health of the joints and improve their range of motion also makes it an exceptional supplement. Its intake can help people suffering from chronic pain get relief from pain and discomfort and also significantly improve their ability to perform exercises.

So, go ahead and include egg collagen in your daily diet to reap the benefits and help your joints, muscles, skin and even digestive system to function efficiently.