he appearance of your hair can either make or break your entire look. On the other hand, if your hair does not look good, it could have an adverse effect on your entire appearance. And, despite of the fact that most people take great measures to take proper care of their hair and maintain its natural beauty and health, hair problems such as tangling of hair continues to be a common problem among the vast population.

Tangled hair tends to look unruly, messy and unsightly. If you too find yourself fighting off with tangling hair on a regular basis, then do read on. Today we are letting you know about different ways in which you can stop your hair from getting tangled by improving its manageability and overall condition with the help of certain natural hair care items. So, read on to discover about these effective ways that can make your tangling hair a thing of the past.

What Factors Cause Tangling Of Hair?

There are plenty of factors that can cause the tangling of hair. While a majority of these factors may vary from person to person, there are a few factors that are common amongst most people. It is crucial to be aware of these factors to be able to stop this common yet highly unpleasant hair problem. As by knowing about the causes, you will be able to stop hair tangling from occurring and also avert related-problems like breakage.

It has been found that tangling of hair is more often than not a result of friction. And, while tangling can occur anytime, it mostly occurs when your hair strands are wet. This phenomenon involves damaged shafts with trichorrhexis nodosa as well as raised cuticles. When you rub your hair after cleaning it with a shampoo, then unintentionally you end up favoring tangling of hair. Apart from that, wearing hairstyles that require accessories such as clasps, rubber bands, etc., can also act as a trigger and lead to hair tangling. When your hair gets tangled, knots get formed in which the hair shaft may end up in a single or double knot. In this annoying problem, your hair becomes splintered and fractured. It is extremely common in African hair. It is also found that irreversible tangling is extremely common among people whose hair is long and damaged. If irreversible tangling occurs, then one might have to cut small hair tufts in order to get rid of the knots from the hair. [1]

What Are The Effective Ways To Stop Your Hair From Tangling?

With the advent of modern hair care industry, it has become rather easy to find products for just about any hair-related problem in the beauty stores these days. Similarly, for issues such as tangling of hair, you can find plenty hair care products stocked up in the shelves of beauty stores. Many of the top brands in this industry keep coming up with products that can not just avert the occurrence of tangling but also help people detangle the existing knots in their hair. Products such as conditioners, leave-in conditioners, serums and most importantly hair detanglers can be used for the purpose of stopping your hair from tangling.

Using store-bought products is undeniably an easy and convenient way to ward off this annoying issue. However, a majority of these hair care products are loaded with a wide array of chemicals. Even though these chemicals may provide you with a temporary solution for keeping hair tangles and knots at bay, they may also equality and nd up causing damage to the condition of your hair.

So, if you feel hesitant in using such products, you can try using natural items instead that are undoubtedly safe, secure and less expensive when compared to the commercial hair care products. Moreover, natural hair care items have been around from ages. Used in different parts of the culture, these items have been used by men and women for tackling numerous hair problems such as tangling.

So, try to make use of natural methods that often involves using hair-benefiting natural ingredients. An amalgamation of natural ingredients can help you keep your hair soft, smooth and silky whilst keeping painful, unsightly and discomforting tangles at bay. Furthermore, you can use natural ingredients in a huge number of ways and either create your own conditioner, hair detangler or hair mask that can help improve the state of your hair strands.

What Are Hair Detanglers?

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of a hair detangler is to remove tangles or knots from your hair. These hair products have become super famous in the recent years. You can either purchase them from the store or even make them at home with the help of hair-friendly natural ingredients that contain various hair-benefitting agents.

The hair detanglers that can impart moisturizing benefits to the hair will come packed with ingredients that can do a great deal of good to your hair. These ingredients are natural oils, herbs, vitamins, natural proteins and natural emollients. The process of using a moisturizing detangler will be carried out after you have shampooed your hair and used a conditioner in it. By using a hair detangler that is enriched with moisture, you will be able to not just condition your locks but also revive them. In fact, by incorporating hair detanglers that are capable of moisturizing the hair in your regular hair care routine you will be able to significantly improve the texture of the hair strands and make them soft as well as manageable. Moreover, such detanglers will not create a build-up of oil in your hair. This process should be done right after drying of the hair. Follow up your hair drying process by applying hair detanglers to achieve great results. [2]

What Are The Home Remedies You Can Use To Stop Tangling Of Hair?

Since time immemorial, people all over the world have made use of home remedies to tackle tangling of hair. Available in all households, these remedies carry the goodness that is capable of making hair smooth, soft and highly manageable.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Instead of using commercial hair products that claim to detangle hair, you can try to use apple cider vinegar. As commercial hair products may damage natural elements of your hair and leave it looking dull, damaged and lackluster. So, to combat tangles without causing any harm to the health of your hair, you should try using apple cider vinegar. It is a great source of essential vitamins and minerals and contains restorative properties. Application of this home remedy can remove product buildup from the scalp, moisturize the strands, provide them conditioning and make them not just manageable but also easy to style into various trendy styles. Create a solution of 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Just spray your locks with this homemade solution. Start from the scalp and go to the ends of your hair strands. Once done, gently comb your hair and remove tangles. After applying this solution, you do not have to necessarily rinse your hair. Just leave it there and style your hair in various styles. Apart from relieving tangles from the hair, this amazing solution also tends to provide shine to the hair and make it easy to manage. [3]

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most cherished and beloved natural oils that contains a great amount of hair care goodness. Its numerous benefits have always been a topic of discussion for people not just in the beauty community but all over the world.

Detangling of hair can be a pain to deal with as it often leads to breakage, however, with the help of coconut oil you can effectively rid of tresses of tangles and knots. Coconut oil’s ability to penetrate the hair shaft makes it capable of improving the hair break stress. This natural oil can completely surround the hair strands and make it rather easy to eliminate knots that get formed either after washing the hair or at the end of a hectic day. Take just a little bit of coconut oil and apply it all over your hair. While doing this, you should pay extra attention to the areas where the locks are tangled up. Also, apply it especially to parts which are damaged such as the damaged ends. For this purpose, make use a wide-tooth comb and start combing your tresses from the bottom and gradually go all the way to the top of the tresses. Regular usage of this amazing oil can lead to an improved health of your hair strands and also effectively ward off tangles. Alternatively, if tangling of hair continues to be a problem, you can try to trim the ends that are damaged. Lastly, it is imperative to be careful of a certain things while applying coconut oil for detangling hair. In case, your hair is of thin texture then you can apply just a little bit of coconut oil for styling purpose. Plus, try not to use it to the scalp area as it could make your hair feel weighed down. [4]

What Are The DIY Recipes For Hair Detanglers?

Here are some of the DIY recipes for hair detanglers that you can use to fight off highly frustration tangles and also stop them from recurring.

Recipe 1 

Create a blend of 4 oz. distilled water, 10 drops of lavender oil, 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin and 2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil. This incredible DIY organic hair detangler can be whisked within minutes and can be used for those who have unmanageable, unruly hair, curly hair that is prone to tangling or for kids who do not brush their hair regularly. The final product will be in spray form. This natural spray can also act as a leave-in conditioner and provide nourishment to your hair, fight off frizz and also improve the shine factor of your tresses. Once you have mixed all the above-stated ingredients, just pour the resulting solution in a spray bottle. Make sure that the spray bottle has the capacity to store at least 4 ounces of the solution. Use this amazing DIY spray on either wet or dry hair strands. It will help make brushing and styling easy and manageable. [5]

Recipe 2

This DIY recipe will take just 10 minutes of your time. The ingredients you will require are 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil, 4 drops of rosemary essential oil, 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 1-1 ½ ounces of purified water, a glass spray bottle with the capacity of 2 ounces and a small funnel. At first, put the stated quantity of lavender oil and rosemary oil in the glass bottle. Once done, add the mentioned amount of apple cider vinegar and water. Afterward, cover the bottle with a cap and shake it well. Once done, you can use this exceptional hair detangler. After shampooing your hair, apply this natural spray to your precious tresses. Follow up by combing or brushing to ward off tangles and knots. Alternatively, you can spray this product only on areas where your hair has tangled up to get rid of tangles. [6]


There is no denying the fact that tangling of hair is one of the most troubling things that can happen to ones’ precious hair strands. It can single-handedly bring down the beauty quotient of your hair. Along with that, it may also lead to discomfort and breakage. However, you can take proper measures to stop your tresses from getting tangled and in case, they have already tangled up, you can try to use a variety of methods remove the tangles without breaking down your hair strands. With the help of the above-stated methods, you can try to fight off this exceedingly troubling problem that can be painful to deal with. So, go ahead and make certain changes in your hair care routine to reap the rewards and avert your hair from getting tangled up.

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