n unpleasant problem like hair loss can not just make a person feel distressed but also make him or her feel extremely conscious of their hair’s appearance. While a little bit of hair loss is natural, excessive shedding of hair is an alarming problem that requires immediate and proper attention.Loss of hair occurs when the tresses on your scalp start to become abnormally thin and ultimately end up breaking off.

It is said that losing around 100 hair strands a day is quite normal, however, if you start to notice chunk of hair strands everywhere from your pillowcase to the bathroom sink, then you should start taking proper measures to tackle the problem. As leaving this problem can only worsen it.Both men and women experience temporary or permanent hair loss at some point or the other in their lives. Even though, there are plenty of ways cosmetic procedures available nowadays, natural remedies continue to be the safest methods that can help you get rid of this unsightly issue. Read further to know about hair loss and the best natural remedies you can try for this problem. [1]

What Are The Common Causes Of Hair Loss?

A wide array of factors can cause hair loss in people. There are few factors that are health-related while others are known to be due to unhealthy lifestyle. Though, these causes may vary from person to person, in general the causes that are most commonly known are as follows:

1. Heredity

Hereditary factors can cause pattern hair loss in both men as well as women. If a person experiences hair loss because of this factor, then he or she may gradually start to notice the symptoms as it progresses with age. Women suffering from hair loss due to hereditary reasons will often experience thinning and loss of hair. On the other hand, men affected by hereditary hair loss are bound to suffer from receding hairlines. [2]

2. Health-Related Conditions

Both types of hair loss – permanent and temporary can be a result of health-related problems. Not just diseases, infections or chronic conditions like thyroid problems but even hormonal changes in the body can lead to excessive shedding of hair. One common medical condition that has been found to cause hair loss is an autoimmune disease, alopecia areata. In this, a person will notice hair loss in patches on the scalp. Apart from that, infections affecting the scalp and like ringworm can also lead to this troubling problem. Lastly, people who struggle with trichotillomania, a disorder that involves frequent urges to pull out hair are also likely to suffer from hair loss. [3]

3. Medications

People who regularly take medications for health-problems like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol control and heart disease are highly likely to suffer from either temporary or permanent hair loss. Also, side effects from chemotherapy medications, birth control pills as well as anabolic steroids can lead to loss of hair in both men and women. It has been found that even certain acne medications as well as hormone replacement therapy medicines can cause hair loss. [4]


Trauma to the body or specifically to the hair follicles may also result in loss of hair along with other unsightly woes. People suffering from conditions like traction alopecia or frictional alopecia are known to be affected by this hair problem. Other than these, trauma caused to the body during any surgery or childbirth can also lead to temporary and at times permanent loss of hair. [5]

5. Tight Hairstyles

This may seem like an unimportant cause, however, it is highly common for people to experience loss of hair because of tight hairstyles. Any hairstyle for which you pull your locks too tightly can cause traction alopecia. This condition, in turn, can lead to hair loss. Especially, hairstyles like pigtails and cornrows when done on a regular basis can cause damage to the hair and ultimately lead to hair loss. [6]

What Methods Can Be Used To Fight Hair Loss?

There is no shortage of methods in today’s time to tackle with hair loss. While some of these methods are conventional, there are unconventional ways as well that have become quite popular. In general, few cosmetic procedures and store-bought hair products have gained worldwide popularity for fighting this unpleasant hair problem. However, the one traditional way that still continues to be a true favorite of men and women both suffering from hair loss is use of natural remedies. These remedies have been around for hundreds of years and even today people extensively use certain hair-benefiting remedies to tackle hair loss without causing any further harm.

Which Natural Remedies Can Help You Get Rid Of Hair Loss?

The following are the effective natural remedies for combating hair loss:

1. Fenugreek Seeds

Often used for culinary purposes, fenugreek seeds are also effective natural remedies that can help you bid goodbye to hair loss. These seeds are a great source of hormone antecedents that can effectively encourage growth of hair and rebuild the follicles. They are also filled with proteins and nicotinic acid that can help with loss of hair.

To use this remedy, you will have to soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Take the soaked seeds in the morning and put them in a blender to make the paste. Slather the paste on your hair and wrap your head with a clean and dry shower cap. Let the paste stay on for 40 minutes before rinsing with water. Using fenugreek seeds in this particular way on a daily basis (in the morning) for a month can help you get desired results. [7]

2. Lemon Juice

The acidic nature of lemon juice makes it a remarkable remedy for combating hair loss. When this juice is applied to the scalp area, it is known to assist with hair loss issue as it contains Vitamin C. Furthermore, its application can help you scalp become clean and free of excess oil or impurities. As a result, the hair becomes healthy and looks voluminous. [8]

To use this remedy, put together a blend of juice squeezed out from lemon and similar quantity of coconut water. Take the solution and massage your scalp with it. Allow the blend to stay on for at least half an hour before rinsing it off with normal water. A weekly application of this homemade solution may help restore the health of the scalp and tackle hair loss. [9]

3. Onion Juice

Hailed as one of the best natural remedies for unsightly and troubling issues like hair loss, onion juice may help as a remedy that deserves a spot in your hair care routine. The reason why it works wonderfully in tackling hair loss is that it contains a high content of sulfur, it may help promote blood circulation and aid in hair follicle regeneration whilst eliminating problems like inflammation. Apart from that, it is an amazing source of antibacterial agents that enable it to destroy germs and parasites on the scalp that often lead to infections that can further cause loss of hair. As per a study done in 2002 and was published in the Journal of Dermatology, usage of onion juice resulted in about 74% of the participants experiencing prominent results as far as hair regrowth is concerned.

To use this amazing remedy, you should squeeze out fresh onion juice. Take the juice and smear it all over the scalp area. Sit back and let the juice stay on for good half an hour. Once done, use normal water to wash off and later shampoo your hair. Alternatively, you can try creating a blend of 3 tablespoons of extracted onion juice and 2 tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel. Put this homemade mixture on the scalp and let it sit there for about half an hour. Use normal water to rinse your hair and shampoo it completely to wash away the residue. Use any of the above-stated methods at least 2-3 times a week for a couple of weeks to experience great results. [10]

4. Licorice Root

For ages, licorice root has been utilized for a number of purposes like tackling hair loss. This incredible herb is packed with mollifying properties that enable it to open the pores on the scalp and promote its health by fighting off problems like bald patches, loss of hair, dandruff as well as dry flakes.

To use this natural remedy for getting rid of hair loss, you will have to create a paste of 1 tablespoon of ground licorice root, ¼ teaspoon of saffron and 1 cup of raw milk. Before going to bed, take this paste and slather it all over the scalp area, especially on areas where you have excessive hair loss or bald patches. Allow the paste to work its charm throughout the night. Wash your hair in the morning with normal water. Use this homemade licorice root paste at least once or twice in seven days to get effective and noticeable results. [11]

5. Coconut Oil

The versatile and highly beneficial coconut oil is one of the most popular hair oils in the world. In many cultures, this oil is used by people on a regular basis for not just fighting hair loss but also improving the appearance of the locks. It is found that individuals who used coconut oil were not just able to get rid of hair loss but also ended up getting healthy and bouncy hair. Application of coconut oil to the hair can stop loss of moisture. Also, it contains an antibacterial agent (lauric acid) that is capable of keeping scalp infections at bay that can cause loss of hair. [12]

While there are various ways to include this oil in the hair care routine to reap the rewards, the one that has proven to be highly effective is scalp massage. Massage coconut oil to the scalp area to provide your hair with essential vitamins and oxygen that can benefit the health and appearance of the tresses to a great extent. This traditional oil will control hair loss and also promote the hair to grow. [13]

6. Rosemary Oil

An essential oil famous all over the world for its incredible features, rosemary oil is obtained from the leaves of rosemary, a perennial herb. This oil serves as a vital ingredient in many shampoos as it is considered to be effective in controlling hair loss and encouraging hair growth. This oil possesses the ability to boost cell division and enlarge the blood vessels. By doing that, it promotes better blood circulation in the scalp and tackles loss of hair effectively. [14]

This oil works best when combined with other ingredients. Just mix 6 drops of rosemary oil and jojoba oil with 50 ml of each, distilled water and rose water, 15 ml of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of geranium oil. Put the resulting solution in a jar and shake it to get the ingredients properly mixed. Once you have shampooed your hair, use this solution to wash your hair. [15]

7. Lavender Oil

When it comes to dealing with excessive shedding of hair or alopecia areata, this is where lavender oil comes handy. Studies have found that this exceptional oil can improve about 44% of hair growth in the bald patches when used regularly for a period of at least seven months. Massaging the scalp with lavender oil is considered to be an effective method for combating loss of hair. Rubbing this oil on your forehead and using your fingertips to gently massage in circular motions will help get relief from migrane and headache. [16]

Can Your Diet Fight Hair Loss?

Your diet can also have a huge impact on the state of your tresses. And, when it comes to fighting with hair loss, the food you eat can make a world of difference. Make it a habit to consume nutrient-rich food items that can provide nourishment to your hair and help you get rid of hair loss. Stick to eating fresh food that contain lots of vitamins and minerals to get healthy hair. [17]

Is It Possible To Avert Hair Loss?

There are various measures that can be used to avert hair loss and improve the condition of hair. These measures should be carried out on a regular basis. You can try to stay away from products like soaps and shampoos for head bath. Every morning just use cold water for a head bath. This simple method can boost blood circulation in your head whilst providing proteins to the scalp. Also, while drying your hair strands with a towel, it is best to pat the hair lightly and not stroke to avoid any damage. Another thing you can do to ward off the issue of hair loss is to avoid using hair products like gels and hair sprays. [18]

Most importantly, be gentle with your tresses. Be it brushing your hair or washing it with shampoo, aggressive handling of tresses causes trauma to the structure. Also, it is believed that safeguarding the hair from exposure to sunrays can ward off hair problems like thinning and loss of hair. Staying away from heat styling tools such as hot rollers and curling irons can also prove to be helpful in averting this hair issue altogether. Lastly, if you want to avert hair loss, then you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking. [19]

If you are suffering from hair loss, then you can make use of any of the aforementioned natural remedies. Furthermore, try to eat balanced diet and stick to a healthy lifestyle to avert further loss of hair. Most importantly, try your best to keep your tresses healthy by using less chemical-infused products and staying away from heat styling tools. With simple changes, you should be able to see noticeable changes in the condition of your hair.

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