Sea Salt: Top 6 Essential Health Benefits


alt is an item that all of us consume on a regular basis. This item is not just something that adds flavor to flood but also possesses a great deal of health benefits. While there are different types of salts available, the one type has become extremely popular in the last few years is sea salt.

Sea salt is widely used all over the world and is considered to be different from table salt in terms of its texture, composition as well as nutritional value. Despite its popularity and wide usage, there are still many people all around the globe who are not well aware of the many remarkable ways in which this type of salt can help a person improve his or her health.

This type of salt is loaded with health-benefiting features. Here we have discussed the top essential health benefits of sea salt that are worth knowing about.

What Is Sea Salt?

Sea salt is a term often used for unrefined salt. This type of salt is either harvested from an ocean or from a saltwater deposit. It is packed with inherent trace minerals from its surrounding environment. In majority, sea salt is artisan salt. This implies that the salt instead of being manufactured at a salt plant has been harvested by hand of a skilled and professional craftsperson. Sea salt comes with varied characteristics. In general, it comes in 2 forms – flake and granular. This type of salt is either milled in ground fine or in coarse chunks. Different types of sea salt may vary in color as well as weight. [1] Produced by the evaporation of seawater, sea salt is widely used for cooking food and also in cosmetic products. Other names of sea salt are bay salt and solar salt. Since prehistoric times, this type of salt has been produced in large chunks. [2]

Is Kosher Salt And Rock Salt Different From Sea Salt?

It is crucial to be aware of the differences between sea salt, Kosher salt and rock salt. Kosher salt is the type of salt that stands out from the as its flakes are quite large in size and its texture is coarse. Because of its texture, Kosher salt is often applied directly to food items.

Meanwhile, rock salt is taken from the oceans. These oceans are the ones that dried up a long time ago and have left a certain amount of salt in the crust of the earth. Rock salt is considered to be a great source of vital minerals and is often hailed as the purest type of salt. One of the most famous rock salts in today’s time is Himalayan pink salt. However, other examples of rock salt are also produced across the world. [3]

Top 6 Essential Health Benefits Of Sea Salt

While there are various health benefits of sea salt, there are few that are noteworthy and make sea salt an essential ingredient for maintaining your overall health. The top 6 essential health benefits of sea salt are listed below:

1. Sea Salt Provides Micronutrients And Trace Minerals

Micronutrients are essential for the body as they are vitamins and minerals. Though, unlike macronutrients, micronutrients are only required in small quantities but are essential for maintaining good health. These elements help the body with various important functions. [4] Sea salt is cited to be an incredible source of micronutrients that are essential for the body. This type of salt is dried salt from the sea. It plays an important role of retaining the natural nutrients. [5]

Unlike general processed salts, sea salt contains a wide array of trace minerals. And, in order to ensure that your body has an adequate amount of trace minerals in it, you should try to make extra effort to consume more quantity of sea salt. You can try to replace the generic processed salt with unrefined sea salt to make sure that your body’s needs for trace minerals are properly met. Though, mineral supplements can also be taken for this purpose, it has been found that they are not as effective as other natural sources. You can use sea salt not just on your food but also for cooking or baking purposes to maintain good health. [6]

2. Sea Salt Promotes Electrolyte Balance In The Body

An imbalance of electrolyte in the body can lead to a wide array of health-related problems. As managing electrolyte balance in the body is crucial for managing clinical conditions. As per reports, in many studies it was found that electrolyte imbalance is commonly associated with many diseases. [7]

A source of approximately 80 minerals and several essential elements in proper proportion, sea salt is hailed as an incredibly important ingredient that can ensure that the balance of electrolyte in the body is healthy. As a balance of electrolytes in the body is crucial for transmitting information from nerve cells to the brain. This in turn can have an impact on various bodily functions such as muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate as well as immunity. [8]

3. Sea Salt Aids Digestion

Sea salt that is unrefined salt is considered to be the only salt that the body can digest, assimilate as well as utilize. Adding and dissolving sea salt to a glass of water or to a fruit or other food items that are generally not cooked can result in better digestion. In fact, it can not just promote the digestion of those food items but also lead to de-acidification of the body. Moreover, sea salt can have long-lasting profound effects on the body at a cellular level. Its consumption can help cleanse as well as detoxify the gastrointestinal tract. By doing this it can help ward off disease-causing germs from the gastrointestinal tract. [9]

6. Sea Salt Stabilizes Metabolism In The Body

Sea salt is unrefined salt that is essential for the proper functioning of the body systems. A healthy amount of sea salt ensures that the body is packed with vital nutrients that play a crucial role in stabilizing the metabolism of the body. Metabolism level in the body needs to be healthy to ensure that it is able to perform functions like absorption and transformation of energy. [10]

6. Sea Salt Promotes Mental Health

Sea salt is a great source of lithium, a compound that is often used as a key ingredient in antidepressant medications. That is because, lithium is a compound that is capable of tackling various distressful disorders like emotional disorders. This type can salt can also ease anxiety and help a person enhance his or her overall wellbeing. By replacing refined salt with sea salt that is unrefined, a person may be able to notice positive changes in his or her emotional as well as mental condition. It can also help tackle the symptoms of PMS. [11]

6. Sea Salt Promotes Kidney Health In The Body

It is a well-known fact that human body is mainly 75 percent of water. However, very few people know that the water that ensures that the human body cells stay nourished is salty similar to seawater. This is where sea salt comes into the picture in promoting the overall health of kidneys in the body. Sea salt is essential for retaining moisture in the body and kidneys. This, in turn can promote the condition of the bladder by removing impure fluids. [12]

What Are The Different Types Of Sea Salt?

While there are various types of sea salt depending on origin and characteristics, there are two types of sea salt that have become extremely common all over the world because of their incredible features. Read on to know about these types:

1. Himalayan Sea Salt

Also referred to as pink gold and pink sea salt, Himalayan sea salt is touted to be one of the purest salts in the world. This type of sea salt is famous for its nutritional properties. That is the reason why regular consumption of Himalayan sea salt can help improve a person’s health in numerous ways. It can efficiently regulate the content of water in the body, reduce the ageing signs, maintain healthy pH balance in the cells, improve the level of blood sugar, promote the health of sinus, keep painful muscle cramps at bay, support the functioning and health of the respiratory system. Apart from these, Himalayan sea salt can also help a person get good night sleep, strengthen the bones in the body and lead to a promotion of the vascular health.

2. Celtic Sea Salt

This type of sea salt has also been around since ages. This type of sea salt is grey. Because of the composition, characteristics and nutritional value, Celtic sea salt is considered to be amazingly great for the health just like Himalayan sea salt. Its consumption can lead to various health benefits. For instance, Celtic sea salt can effectively alkalize the body, maintain a balanced blood sugar level in the body, ensure that there is no accumulation of mucus. Also, this type of sea salt can help improve immunity, improve the functioning of brain, help a person sleep better, regulate heart beat and maintain right level of blood pressure. The Celtic sea salt’s texture is moist.

Other types of sea salt are Hawaiian sea salt, flake sea salt and Fleur de sel (flower of salt). [13]

How Is Sea Salt Different From Table Salt?

Sea salt and table salt are different from each other in terms of processing, taste as well as texture. The production of sea salt involves evaporation of either ocean water or water taken from saltwater lakes. This process involves a little processing. The process usually leaves behind certain elements as well as trace minerals. However, this would depend on the water source from which the salt is taken. These elements and minerals enhance the flavor and color of sea salt. It comes in a wide array of coarseness levels.

On the other hand, table salt is generally derived from underground salt deposits. This type of salt is relatively heavily processed to remove minerals and it also contains additives to keep clumping at bay. Also, majority of table salt contain added iodine, a compound that is crucial for maintaining the health of the thyroid. [14]

Why Is Sea Salt Better Than Refined Table Salt?

It has been found that unrefined salt more generally referred to as sea salt provides the body with the energy that is essential for eliminating waste products from the blood. It helps maintain fluid balance and remove the toxins from the system. Apart from that, sea salt is an ingredient that possesses the ability to maintain a proper level of pH and also help the kidney perform its daily functions in an effective and efficient manner. Because of these properties, it is considered to be highly beneficial to replace refined salt with unrefined sea salt. In fact, sea salt can be easily used in preparing a variety of juices and smoothies. [15]

How To Use Sea Salt?

Sea salt has been around since ages and has been used for culinary purposes in different parts of the world. The taste and texture of sea salt makes it quite unique. Be it cooking food or baking or making smoothies and juices, sea salt can be used in a variety of different ways. Add it to your food to add flavor or add it to your daily glass of fruit juice to reap the rewards.


For ages, many people have investigated the characteristics and nutritional value of sea salt and conducted studies as well as clinical trials to check the numerous ways in which this type of salt can benefit the health of a person. Many reports have established that sea salt is an exceptionally beneficial ingredient that deserves a spot in one’s regular diet. From the way in which it is produced to its composition, everything about this type of salt makes it unique and healthy. As stated above, whether it is improving the health of the kidney or improving the mental health of a person, sea salt can benefit one’s health in a number of ways. Its positive impact on the body undeniably makes it an amazing item.

Moreover, adding sea salt to your diet can enhance the taste of the food. Also, when compared to tables salt, this type of salt is more beneficial and possesses health benefits that can work wonders on the state of one’s physical and mental health.