Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Use A Sunscreen


unscreens are common skin care items available in beauty stores. Their primary purpose is to safeguard the skin from the sun rays. Traditionally, certain plant products or zinc oxide paste were used to shield the skin from the damaging effects of the sun rays. Nowadays, sunscreens are available all over the world in various forms such as lotion, gel, and spray.

A sunscreen contains a wide array of ingredients like moisturizers, organic chemical compounds, inorganic particulates, organic particulates, and aromatic molecules. Most of the major cosmetic brands in the world produce different types of sunscreens.

This topical skin care product is considered to be highly beneficial for the skin. There are various reasons why you should use this product on a daily basis. From warding off problems like tanning, sunburn to reducing the risk of skin cancer, there are plenty of ways in which sunscreen can benefit your skin. [1]

What Are The Top Reasons To Use A Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an essential skin care item that deserves a spot in your daily skincare routine. Here are the top reasons why you should wear sunscreen on a regular basis without fail.

1. Blocks Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can cause severe damage to the health of the skin and suppress its ability to fight off infections. Its negative impact on the immune system of the skin can make it rather easy for harmful substances and organisms to enter the skin and cause infections. Sun exposure causes cell damage and forces the support system for the skin to collapse. Prolonged sun exposure can damage not just the internal structure of the skin but also lead to a wide array of unsightly conditions like pigmentation. [2]

However, by wearing sunscreen you can block sun exposure and ward off its damaging effects. Sunscreens that come with an SPF of 15 or above are considered to be effective in blocking sun exposure. To ensure maximum results, slather sunscreen on not just the face but also on your hands, lips, neck, scalp, feet, ears and the skin around eyes. [3]

2. Helps Fight Off Premature Signs Of Ageing

Early onset of signs of aging can bring down anyone’s beauty quotient by notches. Premature aging of the skin is a beauty concern that affects numerous people across the globe.

A wide array of lifestyle factors and environmental factors like solar ultraviolet exposure can lead to premature aging of the skin. According to a study, issues like pigmentation, lack of firmness in the skin are known to be strongly linked to ultraviolet exposure. It was concluded that UV rays are responsible for around 80% of prominent facial signs of aging. [4]

To fight off premature signs of aging, you should shield the skin. And, the most effective way to do that would be by wearing sunscreen on a regular basis. Make this skin care item a crucial part of your daily skin care regimen to keep premature aging at bay. Sunscreen with SPF 15 is known to provide adequate protection. [5]

3. Helps Bring Uniformity In Skin Color Tone

Another top reason why you should wear sunscreen is to bring uniformity in the skin color tone. Many people are concerned about their uneven skin tone. Women use a variety of makeup items like foundation and concealer to attain an even skin tone. However, instead of using makeup items, you can try using sunscreen to bring uniformity in the skin color tone.

A study involving Japanese elderly people was conducted to determine whether sunscreen can avert photoaging of skin in fair-skinned people. It was found that, usage of sunscreen led to a significant improvement in the skin color tone of the people involved in the study. By providing moisture to the skin and safeguarding it from the UV rays, sunscreen can effectively fight off dryness of the skin and maintain a uniform tone. [6]

4. Helps Ward Off Tanning

Exposure to the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can cause tanning of the skin. The process leads to an excess production of melanin, a natural pigment. This, in turn, makes the person’s skin color appear darker than usual. [7]
Application of sunscreen is one of the most effective ways of averting tanning of the skin. As discussed earlier, this skin care item can block the harsh sun rays and stop them from causing any damage to the texture and color of the skin. By applying sunscreen to your skin before going outdoors, you will be able to protect your skin’s natural color and keep skin discoloration at bay.

5. Helps Protect Skin from Sunburn

Sunburn is a condition that causes a great deal of pain and discomfort. It occurs when a person’s skin gets exposed to the sun for a long period of time. The common symptoms of sunburn are redness, swelling, and blistering of the skin, nausea, fever, headache and fatigue. These symptoms tend to become apparent only after a few hours of sun exposure and the severity of the symptoms may worsen after a day or so. [8]

To prevent this discomforting skin condition, it is important to take certain precautionary measures like wearing sunscreen. Slather at least an ounce of broad-spectrum sunscreen on the skin before stepping out in the sun. This will keep your skin well-protected from the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays and prevent sunburn. [9]

6. Helps Ward Off Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines can develop due to other factors apart from aging, such as smoking and exposure to ultraviolet light. The strong ultraviolet lights are known to speed up the aging process by breaking down the collagen and elastin fibers, the connective tissue in the skin, leading to premature wrinkling. In order to avert the development of wrinkles on the skin, you should try to incorporate broad-spectrum sunscreen products that come with SPF 30 in the skin care regimen. These products help protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays and thereby keep unsightly wrinkles at bay. Protecting your skin from the sun could delay premature wrinkling of the skin. [10]

7. Helps Reduce The Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a global menace and the most common type of cancer affecting millions of people. It is a type of cancer that occurs when there is an abnormal growth of skin cells. The three main types of skin cancers are melanoma, basal-cells skin cancer, and squamous skin cancer. It has been found that more than 90% of people end up getting melanoma due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Research has found that when it comes to reducing risks of melanoma and squamous skin cancer, sunscreen can prove to be an effective product. Using sunscreen is cited as a potent way to reduce the risk of developing these types of skin cancer. [11]

As per the reports published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2011, more than 1600 people who applied sunscreen on a regular basis were able to reduce the incidence of melanoma, one of the most fatal forms of cancer, by 50-73%. [12]

8. Helps Maintain Skin’s Youthful Appearance

Presence of marks and prominent signs of aging on your skin can make one look older than they actually are. That is the reason why many people go to great lengths to preserve their skin’s youthfulness. From pricey commercial skin care products to cosmetic procedures, there are multiple ways of maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance. However, there are other more natural and safer ways to ensure that the skin looks young and radiant.

By using sunscreen on a regular basis and incorporating a proper skin care routine in day-to-day life, one can help their skin look its absolute best. Sunscreen is essential for sun protection and skin care. It is often hailed as a potent anti-aging product that can help protect the skin’s youthful look. [13]

How To Use Sunscreen?

In order to attain maximum benefits, it is imperative to use sunscreen in the right way. Improper usage of sunscreen can expose your skin to harsh rays that can wreak havoc on the health and appearance of the skin. A study found that a majority of people do not use the recommended amount of sunscreen. This results in a wide array of problems that robs the skin of its plump youthful look. To make sure that your sunscreen safeguards your skin from the damaging sun rays, you should apply it properly.

Firstly, apply sunscreen to the skin at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. As it takes good 20 minutes for the active ingredients present in sunscreen to get absorbed into the skin.

Secondly, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the skin. In case your sunscreen bottle or tube lasts for a year or so, then it indicates that you are not using the recommended quantity of sunscreen. According to a study conducted at Dryburn Hospital in Durham, England, individuals who did not wear the right amount of sunscreen received just 20-50% of sun protection.

Thirdly, it is crucial to reapply sunscreen after a certain period of time. In particular, after engaging in activities such as swimming and exercising that causes sweating, it becomes extremely important to reapply sunscreen. As per a study conducted at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Herston, Australia, reapplying sunscreen after few hours ensures better protection from the sun rays.

Lastly, you should wear sunscreen throughout the year to ward off the damaging effects of the sun rays. Even on cloudy days, it is essential to apply sunscreen to provide proper protection to the skin. Try to incorporate sunscreen application in your daily skin care regimen to reap the benefits. [14]

How To Pick The Best Sunscreen?

Nowadays, there are countless sunscreens available in beauty stores. This makes it exceptionally difficult to decide which sunscreen to go with. Earlier, most people used to take just SPF into consideration while buying sunscreen. However, with time it was established that not just UVB rays but UVA rays also increase the risk of problems like skin cancer. So, prior to picking a sunscreen, it is important to check the label to find out if it provides protection from both types of sun rays. This is why sunscreens providing broad-spectrum protection are recommended for daily use. These products safeguard the skin from the damaging effects of both, UVA and UVB rays. The broad-spectrum protection sunscreens are replete with active ingredients like zinc oxide, benzophenones, salicylates, titanium dioxide, etc. Also, experts believe that sunscreens that come with SPF (sun protection factor) 15 are more than sufficient for a majority of people.

Apart from these factors, you should also carefully read the label to check if a particular sunscreen contains powerful ingredients such as Ecamsule, Avobenzone, and zinc oxide. Also, it is equally important to buy a sunscreen that is water and sweat resistant and belongs to a trustworthy brand. Furthermore, if you have a sensitive or oily skin type, then you should look for sunscreens which are specially formulated for that type of skin. [15]


To protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunrays it is important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. From causing irreparable damage to the structure of the skin to discoloration, there are a number of ways in which sun exposure can harm your skin. While there are many ways to protect the skin from sun exposure, sunscreen is cited as one of the most effective ways.

The well-researched benefits of sunscreen have made it an essential skin care product that not just wards off sun damage but also keeps premature signs of aging at bay. To achieve best results, it is imperative to use the right type of sunscreen. Go with the broad-spectrum sunscreen to attain protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Also, make sure that you apply it in the right way for maximum protection. Slather it all over your face and other exposed body parts to maintain your skin’s health and youthfulness. Apply it to your skin before going out and reap the numerous benefits of this remarkable product.