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10 Best Hair Conditioners Available In India

We often tend to overlook the importance of hair conditioners in our hair care regimen. However, conditioning the hair after a shampoo is essential for restoring the natural oil that the hair shafts lose when they are washed. Especially, if your hair is rough and coarse, a conditioner is essential for detangling the hair, reducing frizz, retaining moisture, thereby making the hair soft and manageable. The variety of conditioners is huge and your hair type will determine which conditioner is perfect for you. The following hair conditioners that are currently available in India are considered amongst the best.

1. St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner With Argan & Olive Oil

This conditioning product is a blend of Moroccan argan oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, wheat protein, silk protein and vitamin E. Because of the presence of these ingredients, it works as the perfect moisturizing and repairing conditioner. Argan oil is a natural hair moisturizer, conditioner and softener. It is perfect for deep conditioning the dry hair and repairing split ends. Argan oil having antioxidant-rich Vitamin E helps in speeding up hair cell growth. (1) Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, extra virgin olive oil supplies moisture to the tresses, improves elasticity and adds sheen. (2) Wheat protein adds volume & shine, conditions & moisturizes the dry and brittle hair. (3) Silk protein improves the texture, glossiness of the hair and makes it manageable. (4) D-panthenol, a vitamin B5 derivative, present in the hair conditioner is a powerful humectant. It moisturizes, strengthens and conditions the hair. (5) St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Conditioner with its bioactive ingredients is highly effective for conditioning as well as nourishing the hair. Free from paraben, sulphate and other chemicals that are known for their toxic effects, it is safe for the tresses.

2. L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

This hair conditioner formulated by L’Oreal provides three-fold benefits to the tresses. It nourishes the manes from the root to the tips, helps restructure the hair fiber and strengthens the hair. One of the major ingredients in this hair conditioner is arginine, an essential amino acid, which nourishes the scalp and is believed to enhance micro-circulation. It helps boost the appearance of the hair, making it beautiful and healthy.

3. TRESemme Smooth And Shine Conditioner

For the hair that is prone to frizz, this is the apt conditioner. This intense moisturizing product is formulated for the dry and rough hair. It provides salon-like smoothness and shine to the hair. The key ingredients in this hair conditioner for nourishing and conditioning the hair are vitamin H and silk protein. Hair becomes easily detangle and manageable by using this hair conditioner.

4. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Conditioner

A widely advertized hair conditioner from L’Oreal, Total Repair 5 is formulated to reduce hair fall, hair dryness, split ends, roughness and hair dullness, the five common hair problems. Hair damage is usually associated with loss of the natural cement that maintains the strength and resilience of the hair shafts. The innovative Ceramide-Cement technology used for formulating this hair conditioner mimics the natural cement of the hair. It is an effective product for adding smoothness, strength, gloss and suppleness to the hair and protecting the tips. It conditions the damaged hair without weighing it down.

5. Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Conditioner

Natural oil is usually considered the best bet for taming the frizzy hair. Dove has incorporated the time-tested nutr-oils in its Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Conditioner. It has combined almond, coconut and argan oils. The oils seal moisture in the hair strands, leaving the hair smooth, silky and manageable. Despite the presence of natural oils, this conditioner does not weigh down the hair. It is weightless and non-greasy and with regular use it keeps the hair nourished.

6. Dove Regenerative Repair Conditioner

This is an effective conditioner for restoring the appearance and texture of healthy hair. The effectiveness of this product is attributed to red algae complex. It is believed to fortify the internal structure of the hair shafts, thereby assisting in regenerating the hair. Individuals with color-treated, straightened or curled hair may find this hair conditioner useful for restoring the smoothness and strength of the hair, and reducing breakage.

7. L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner

Unlike most of the other hair conditioners that are used only on the hair shafts, 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner from L’Oreal Paris can be applied to the scalp along with the hair. As the name suggests, this hair conditioner is a blend of six oils – sweet almond oil, argan, coconut, olive fruit, jojoba seed and camelina. It absorbs easily into the scalp and hair, providing nourishment necessary for keeping them nourished. This hair conditioner helps in making hair soft, smooth, strong, thick, shiny and manageable.

8. Himalaya Herbals Damage Repair Protein Conditioner

Damage Repair Protein Conditioner has been developed by Himalaya Herbals for conditioning the dry, damaged and frizzy hair. This hair conditioner provides protein, extracted from bean sprouts, to the hair shafts. Another major natural ingredient in this hair conditioner is yarrow extract. In traditional herbal preparations, yarrow is used for promoting the health of the scalp and strengthening the hair shaft. This hair conditioner is believed to help in repairing the damaged hair and inhibiting further damage.

9. Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

This is a volumizing hair conditioner. Its novel Oxyfusion technology helps in adding life to the fine flat tresses. The manufacturer claims that it can boost up to 95% of the hair volume. This is perfect for individuals with fine hair who avoid intense moisturizing conditioners as they entail a risk of weighing down the hair. When used consistently, it helps in keeping the hair smooth, thick and bouncy.

10. Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner

This hair conditioner is formulated for hair that is naturally straight. It helps in maintaining the straightness of the hair for up to 24 hours. Formulated with the innovative straight-lock technology, this hair conditioner helps in aligning each hair strand, thereby retaining the straightness of the hair after it dries. It is good for taming the frizz and helps in keeping the hair smooth and silky.

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