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Everything You Need To Know About Indian Gooseberry (Amla) – Skin and Hair Benefits

Skincare ingredients in Indian Ayurveda are fuelling the demand for organic and natural products. One all-around superstar that deserves the top spot on the list is Indian gooseberry alias Amla. The divine fruit is being used in Asian households for centuries for its plethora of benefits- boosting immunity, assisting in weighting loss, strengthening hair follicles, and curing acne. The celebrated Ayurveda ingredient is incredibly beneficial when topically applied on the skin along with ingesting it. Here we breakdown everything you need to know about this immortal tart berry!

First, What Is Amla?

Amalaki (Ayurveda name) Aka Amla berry is a fruit obtained from the Amalaki plant owns medicinal benefits; it is used in Indian households for centuries for a disease-free and healthy lifestyle. The Amla trees are found throughout India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the green pulpy ” divine food” is chock-full of vitamin C, iron, calcium, vitamin B, and fiber.

It also contains robust chemical constituents such as tannins, phenols, and alkaloids. Moreover, it is laden with antioxidants properties that shield the delicate skin and hair from UV rays damage.

That said, the superfood is incredibly beneficial for overall health – topical application or ingesting it in the form of juice is extremely good for epidermis and tresses. Every part of Amla possesses some medicinal properties making it a super fruit.

Then, How Indian Gooseberry Is Good For Skin?

As said earlier, the ancient food is chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins that can counteract a plethora of skin woes. Devouring Amla on a regular basis or the topical application of it can do wonders on the skin abet in keeping it healthy and youthful from within. Here we have the top three reasons, why you shouldn’t sleep on it and add in regimen Asap!

Keeps Aging At Bay- If you are a beauty aficionado you must have heard from everyone including the world’s leading dermatologists that vitamin C is a go-to-skincare ingredient for a radiant and brighter complexion. And, Amla is a powerhouse of stabilized vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which aids in banishing pigmentation, reduces dark spots scar, and protects the epidermis from free radical damage such as pollution, dust, and UV rays which are the leading cause of premature aging. Moreover, it also owns anti-aging properties that avert wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.

Do you know the fact- Amla berry posses more vitamin C as compared to two oranges in tandem! Also, the most concentrated source of vitamin C is natural found in one single Amla.

Keeps Skin Spotless- Amla is a true superfruit all thanks to its antibacterial, anti-aging, and anti-fungal properties. The topical application or ingesting the Amla will clear the dermis from within and proffer a clearer and radiant tone. The miraculous berry succor in reducing the stubborn hyperpigmentation scars along with preventing future breakouts.

Do You Know Fact- The vitamin C in Amla berry is fused with potent antioxidant tannins that aids vitamin C stays effective for long, without being affected by heat or light.

Keep Complexion Nourished- Owing to Amla’s richness in nutrients and vitamins, it nurtures the deserted tone with much-needed hydration. It acts as skin’s natural conditioning agent that abets in illuminating the tone, reducing dryness, and firming the saggy skin- giving youthful, supple, and soft complexion.

How to Inculcate Indian Gooseberry in Skincare Regimen?

Persuaded with Amla skin benefits? If yes! Then incorporate the wonder Ayurveda fruit in tandem for A.M. and P.M. routine either include it in your diet or shop from a range of splendid topicals up for grabs from a renowned brand Oriental Botanics.

We Recommend For Skin: Rivayat Ubtan Face Mask

Interested in green beauty? Looking for a formula that can provide nourished clarified, hydrated, and exfoliated skin. If yes! Then grab your hands on the Oriental Botanics Rivayat Ubtan Face Mask; the potent face mask will draw out all the gunk and impurities from the skin credit to Kaolin Clay. The deep-cleansing mask is super effective for all skin types as it is loaded with organic ingredients such as powerful Multani Mitti which not only controls the excess oil production from the skin but also even out the discolored texture.

Additionally, the key hydrating agents in the mask are Shea and Cocoa butter – powerhouse ingredients packed with Vitamins A and E properties that extensively nourish the deserted like tone. And, the super-hydrating Aloe in the product pacifies the inflamed complexion alongside combat acne-causing bacterium which prevents future breakouts. Furthermore, the face mask in nutrient-rich neem and turmeric in it; the dynamic duo abets in keeping the microbes away all thanks to their anti-bacterial properties. Also, they work efficaciously to reduce the stubborn dark patches scars from the skin, proffering a clearer and radiant tone.

The formula combines holy basil that renowned for reducing oxidative stress on the dermis while safeguarding the skin from environmental stressors. That said, mask aids in keeping aging at bay all thanks to vitamin E and B3- protect the epidermis from free radical damages (the leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines) and boost collagen production to provide firmer tone, respectively. Besides this, the Indian Ayurveda magical substance Amla in the mask is a power station of vitamin C that not only succors in brightening the dermis but also significantly improves the skin texture all you have is a nourished and hydrated complexion.

Moreover, the punch of active botanicals in the formula likes Saffron ‘reducing dark spots’, Tulsi ‘nourishing the tone’, and Rose Water ‘soothing the itchy complexion’ abets in keeping the dermis overall healthy. Plus, the oily skin is prone to blemishes to tackle the issue the high-end mask is formulated with effective herb nagkesar it controls the oil production which results in treating acne. Bonus: the formula is free of toxic chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, silicones, and phthalates. Along with being a cruelty-free! Vegan- product for ardent clean beauty lovers!

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How Amla Is Beneficial For Tresses?

The goodness of Amla will withstand any hair woes- brittleness, frizzy, dry, or wiry. The glorified superfood contains phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals which abets in ameliorating scalp health. Let’s dig deeper to know why it is becoming a key ingredient in new-age shampoos!

Powerfully Treats Hair Shedding- The topical application of Amla such as Amla oil increases the blood circulation on the scalp which stimulates the tresses to grow as the oxygen is traveled in the hair follicles making strands less prone to breakage. All you have is stronger and longer dreamy waves

Effectively Treats Dandruff- Amla owns anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that impede bacterium and microbe’s accumulation on the scalp which results in breaking off the dandruff formation. And, the vitamin C in Amla is also a great clarifying agent that effectively removes the buildup, dirt, and grime from the scalp – an outcome of no itchiness! No dandruff!

Strongly Conditions Frizziness- Potent Amla is rich in vitamin E which makes it an exceptional natural hair conditioning agent. It extensively nourishes and hydrates the parched dry mane with much-needed moisture leaving curls soft and shiny. Moreover, the common premature aging of hair is also significantly slowed down by the natural coolant property of Amla.

Safeguard Hair From External Damage- Amla is packed with calcium and tannin – both these elements abets in protecting the tresses from harmful photo-damage (blue light) and heat damage (Sunrays) and promoting healthier strands growth. Furthermore, tannin is easily mingled with keratin due to its phenolic compounds, which prevents hair from breaking down.

How To Incorporate Amla In Hair Care Routine?

As we know today’s lifestyle and diet can take a toll on hair health leading to premature graying, dullness, and weak strands. So, if you are assured with Amla hair benefits then you can devour the tart fruit in your nutriments or simply shop the Oriental Botanics Amla range – made with only organic ingredients sourced from Mother’s Nature to provide healthier lustrous length as you desire!

We Recommend: Bhringraj Amla Hair Oil Applicator

The idea of oiling may seem like oil school, but do you know Ayurveda recommends massaging hair oil twice a week for stronger barnet. If hair thinning, shedding, split ends and dandruff are your hair concerns then give it a shot to Oriental Botanics Bhringraj Amla Hair Oil Applicator; the ultimate hair oil is prepared with ancient Ayurvedic technique “Kshir Pak Vidhi” that deeply nourishes the damaged hair. The product is infused with a king of herbs Bhringraj- laden with the goodness of iron, vitamin E, polypeptides, and vitamin D which deeply penetrates the root of the hair proffering strength to each follicle making tresses grow lengthy. Also, massaging with oil rejuvenates the mind, relaxes the tense muscles of the brain. Furthermore, the superfood Amla is also the key ingredient in the bottle which is renowned for its antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that not only safeguard the strands from environmental aggressors but also gently lift off the impurities buildup congestion from the scalp, providing clearer and clean head skin.

Additionally, the optimal oil is infused with Neem; a powerful medicinal plant that extensively conditions the curls and keeps premature aging at bay, promoting healthier tresses growth. Plus, to avert itchiness on the scalp caused by microbes the oil is enriched with Brahmi. It creates a natural protective layer on the follicles that lessen down the growth of split-ends making hair thicker and secured. Besides this, the formula contains purifying herb Manjistha effectively combat dandruff, delays the process of graying, and controls the extra dryness leading to soft and silky hair.

That said, the product is formulated with Goat milk a powerhouse of vitamin A, B12, B2, D, and E- intensely nurture the scalp while reducing the flakiness. Moreover, as per Kshir Pak Vidhi, all the herbs are boiled in the goat milk to extract the exceptional oil. Added Bonus: the hair oil doesn’t have any harmful solvents like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicone. All you need is gently massage the hair oil on the scalp for about a few minutes twice a week and get shinier, glossier, and longer ends.

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Pro-Tip: Evenly apply oil to strands and leave it for 20-30 minutes before washing and for exceptional results keep it overnight.

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