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Bath & Body Oil (Green Tea & Basil), 200ml

Bath & Body Oil (Green Tea & Basil), 200ml

Nourishing Blend of Natural Oils that Relaxes & Leaves the Skin Soft and Smooth

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Bath & Body Oil (Green Tea & Basil), 200ml

Bath & Body Oil (Green Tea & Basil), 200ml ₹699

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This oil is a blend of natures most nurturing natural oils and keeps your skin profoundly moisturized and healthy. It is an ultra-conditioning lightweight oil and helps give your skin a supple texture and increase its radiance..

KEY Benefits

  • Promotes moisturized and soft skin
  • Helps soothe sore muscles
  • Helps increases skin radiance
  • Softens dry skin
  • Natural fragrance that helps uplift the mind

This oil is packed with all the goodness of organic natural oils. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin and helps rejuvenate it. It also helps hydrate the dry skin and is ideal for softening the rough elbows, knees and the cracked heels. It also helps restore the skins oil mantle that helps seal moisture into the skin so that your skin retains its suppleness throughout the day. The soothing effect of the oil helps calm the stressed skin and improve the skins texture damaged by overexposure to pollution and sunlight. It is rich in antioxidants that help strengthen your skins natural defence against free radicals and dwindle the loss of skin elasticity. This helps delay signs of skin ageing and your skin retains its youthful appearance for a longer time. The uplifting aroma of the essential oil blend has a positive effect on the mind as well. Free from mineral oil, paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and toxic compounds, this is a 100% natural product. It suits all skin types. It has not been tested on animals. Oriental Botanics is a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand.


  • Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil- Sweet almond oil is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that help nourish the skin
  • Avocado Cold Pressed Oil Avocado is a globally used body massage oil. It contains vitamins A, C, E, amino acids, linolenic acid, etc. It is also known for its mild sun-protection property as its fatty acids help filter the ultraviolet rays.
  • Soybean Cold Pressed Oil Soybean oil is a yellow, odourless liquid that is rich in vital vitamins. It is globally used for skincare.
  • Apricot Cold Pressed Oil - Apricot oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid that assists in maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. It does not leave a greasy residue and is also apt for sensitive skin.
  • Virgin Golden Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil Jojoba oil has a similar narration as sebum that our body secretes. The oil penetrates the skin quickly and nourishes it.
  • Grapeseed Cold Pressed Oil Grapeseed oil contains a good amount of linoleic acid and vitamin E. It is non-greasy and light and possesses several skin-friendly properties.
  • Wheatgerm Cold Pressed Oil -This warm orange oil is rich in vitamin E. Due to its thick consistency and strong wheatgerm fragrance, it is usually merged with other lighter oils.
  • Basil And Green Tea Essential Oils The re-energizing aromatic fragrance derived from the Green Tea and Basil essential oil blend is uplifting and refreshing. Green tea is perfect for rejuvenating tired skin. Basil oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and muscle relaxant properties.

Size: 200 ML

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Morpheme Remedies Pvt Ltd. 26 C, Madhya Marg, 19A, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019"

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