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Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oil For Hair & Skin, 200ml

Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oil For Hair & Skin, 200ml

A Potent Blend of Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oil that helps Strengthen Hair & Moisturize Skin

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Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oil For Hair & Skin, 200ml

Jojoba & Sweet Almond Oil For Hair & Skin, 200ml ₹999

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This oil helps provide superior skin and hair care. It assists in making the hair strong and adds lustre to the tresses. It profoundly helps moisturize the skin and makes it smooth and soft.

Key Benefits

  • Assists to make skin soft and radiant
  • Promotes smooth and strong hair
  • Helps soothe skin and scalp
  • Helps keep the skin and hair healthy

This oil is a concoction of premium natural oils that are legendary for their beneficial effects on the skin and hair. Packed with skin-friendly fats and vitamins, it helps provide superior nourishment to your skin and hair. The fast-absorbing oil leaves a transparent film of oil on the skin and helps seal moisture into the skin so that your skin retains its natural suppleness for a longer time without feeling greasy. The protective barrier also helps defend the skin from environmental damage and preserves the skins youthful elasticity. Oiling the hair helps smoothen the frizzes and reduces tangles and breakages. It also helps minimize scalp flaking and nourishes the hair follicles, thereby decreasing excessive hair fall and encouraging healthy hair growth. This oil is free from mineral oil and toxic compounds such as paraben, phthalate, silicone, and sulfate. This 100% natural product that suits all skin and hair types. It has not been tested on animals. Oriental Botanics is a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand.


  • Jojoba Oil Jojoba oil quickly penetrates the skin and helps restore the natural oil balance.
  • Almond Oil Rich in vitamins A and E, it helps keep the skin and hair soft, supple and smooth.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil It contains antioxidants that help protect the skin and hair from environmental damage.
  • Castor Oil It is a good cleansing agent for the skin and scalp and is globally known to help promote hair growth.
  • Grapeseed Oil This lightweight oil is an outstanding natural conditioning agent.
  • Lavender Essential Oil It helps soothe the irritated skin and scalp.

Size: 200 ML

Manufacturer detail:

Morpheme Remedies Pvt Ltd. 26 C, Madhya Marg, 19A, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019"

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Disclaimer: We recommend carrying out a patch test

Important: All the products shipped will have a shelf life of minimum 6 months

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