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Australian Tea Tree


Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Radiant Glow Combo

Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Radiant Glow Combo

Enriched with Australian Tea Tree for Oil-free & Healthy Skin

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Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Radiant Glow Combo

Australian Tea Tree Anti Acne Radiant Glow Combo ₹1,399₹2,096

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For a clean, bright and flawless complexion, you surely need to have this skincare kit. The profound-cleansing and skin-brightening products packed with all the goodness of premium Australian tea tree oil are the perfect choices for oily and acne-prone skin. The products permeated in this kit are specially formulated to help eliminate oily skin’s dull and greasy appearance. They are safe for long-term use, free from mineral oil, paraben, phthalate, silicone, and sulfate. Oriental Botanics is a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand and its products are not tested on animals.

  • Face Wash- This super gentle face wash removes all the dirt & excess oil and leaves the skin moistured and pH-balanced. It also helps accelerate the clarity and radiance of the skin and soothes the irritated skin as well.
  • Peel-Off Mask- It draws out the exorbitant sebum and impurities from the skin and helps to clear the pores. Packed with botanical elements, it deeply nourishes the skin and helps in lightening the dark spots and blemishes.
  • Face Scrub- It gently wipes off the dead skin cells and helps smoothen the skin. It helps reveal the younger and more radiant skin that is hidden behind the deep-seated impurities. Natural conditioning agents are inculcated in the scrub to rehydrate the skin and maintain its supple texture.
  • Face Serum- It assists in restoring the moisture and oil levels of the skin without increasing its grease load. It helps give your skin a clear complexion. The nutrients in the serum uphold the regeneration of the skin cells and help diminish the skin damage


Face Scrub

  • White Willow – It helps in the delamination of dead skin cells.
  • Cucumber: It helps calm, hydrate, and brighten the skin.

Peel-Off Mask

  • Witch Hazel – It helps to strangle and refine the enlarged pores.
  • Aloe Vera – It assists in soothing, hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Face Wash

  • Tea Tree Oil – It helps to control the extravagant oiliness of the skin.
  • Glycerin – It moisturizes the skin and assists in making it soft.

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