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10 Best Under Eye Creams Available In India

The delicate skin around the eyes needs special care. Eye creams are specifically formulated to moisturize and nourish the area around the eyes. As the under eye area is the most delicate area of your face, it needs more intense moisturizing that cannot be provided by your regular facial lotion. Eye creams are heavier than the facial moisturizers. Moreover, good quality under eye creams, apart from the moisturizing ingredients, contain a number of active ingredients to address problems such as dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. [1] Make sure that the under eye cream that you are planning to buy is capable of moisturizing and nourishing the under eye area and helps in reducing dark circles and inhibits wrinkling of the skin around the eye. The following under eye creams available in India are considered most effective.

1.  Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Eye Radiance Under Eye Roller

Oriental Botanics Aloe vera, Green tea & Cucumber Eye Radiance Under Eye Roller is packed with the richness of natural ingredients that provide hydration boost and help firm the skin around the eye. It nourishes, soothes, cools, and rejuvenates the under-eye skin giving it a radiant glow. The under-eye gel roller delivers the delicate under-eye skin with the vitamins and minerals essential for retaining its natural firmness and undertone. The roller applicator gently massages the area, evenly distributing the gel and easing its absorption into the skin, thus maximizing the benefits of this fantastic under-eye gel.

2. StBotanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream – For Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles and Bags, 50g

Unlike the heavier eye creams that leave a greasy layer on the skin under the eyes, this product effectively moisturizes the delicate skin under the eye without making it greasy. The key moisturizing ingredients in the under eye cream are Hyaluronic Acid, Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Silk & Wheat Protein. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin. It retains moisture in the skin, thereby keeping the skin hydrated, soft, smooth and elastic. Aging depletes the hyaluronic acid level, which can be replenished by topical application of hyaluronic acid. [2] Argan oil is an excellent source of flavonoids and tocopherols that are known for powerful antioxidant activities. It helps in fighting drying and aging of the skin. [3]

Silk protein is easily absorbed into the skin and helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It is also recognized for its antioxidant property. [4] Since jojoba oil is smooth and non-sticky, it works as an excellent emollient for the skin. [5] Vitamins B3, C and E in the eye cream provide nourishment to the under eye area. Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant activity, and is considered effective for hyperpigmentation. It is believed to help in reducing dark circles and promotes synthesis of collagen. [6] Extracts of aloe vera, cucumber, gotu kola and licorice and frankincense oil enhance the benefits of this amazing under eye cream.

3. Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream, 15g

The main herbal ingredients in this eye cream for lightening dark circles are Cipadessa Baccifera and Winter Begonia. With regular application, within four weeks these herbal extracts are believed to reduce the dark circles by almost 50%. Vitamin E rich wheat germ oil in the eye cream is known to form a protective barrier against pollutants and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is also recognized for its antioxidant properties.

4. Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Under Eye Gel

Oriental Botanics Aloe vera, Green tea & Cucumber Under Eye Gel is a lightweight, fast-absorbing gel that forms a transparent film on the skin, penetrating the delicate under-eye skin and intensely moisturizing and nourishing it. Made with premium botanical ingredients, the Under Eye Gel adds firmness to the skin, and minimizes the premature appearance of the early signs of aging on the sensitive skin around your eyes.

5. Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream with Anise, 15g

This eye cream is an Ayurvedic formulation. It is a combination of natural oils, vitamin E, and various other ingredients. The main ingredients in this eye cream are almond oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, aloe vera leaf juice, potato starch, papaya extract and anise seed extract. It is known to hydrate and soothe the under eye area and is believed to reduce dark circles and brighten the under eye area. It can help in fighting the puffiness of the area under the eye. Moreover, this eye cream helps in firming the skin around the eyes.

6. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream, 15ml

This eye cream is specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of eye bags and wrinkles. One of the main ingredients in the eye cream is glycan-pro-xylane, a complex sugar compound, which is known to improve the skin density and reduce the depth of the existing wrinkles. In addition, the eye cream contains hyaluronic acid to increase the moisture content of the under eye area and lipohydroxy acid, which helps in exfoliation. For reducing the puffiness of the under eye area, it contains caffeine, which is known to promote microcirculation when used topically.

7. Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream, 15g

This is a simple eye cream for moisturizing the under eye area. The main moisturizing ingredients in the eye cream are sunflower oil and almond oil. Apart from keeping the skin hydrated, the natural oils are known to provide nourishment to the skin. An important ingredient in this eye cream is nutmeg extract, which is believed to help in reducing puffiness. With correct application, this eye cream can help in reducing appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

8. VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream, 15g

This under eye cream is suitable for keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated. It contains almond oil, wheatgerm oil and olive oil for providing moisture to the dry skin around the eyes. Chamomile extract present in the eye cream is known for its antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help the delicate skin around the eyes. Vitamin E in the eye cream further boosts its effectiveness.

9. Shahnaz Husain Shasmooth Plus Almond Under Eye Cream, 40g

Apart from almond oil, the main moisturizing ingredient, this under eye cream contains a number of other natural ingredients that help in minimizing appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. It contains fennel, neem, carrot seed and chironji extracts and Vitamin E. You can expect the skin around your eyes to become healthier, smoother and brighter by applying this eye cream daily at night after cleansing.

10. Neemli Naturals Caffeine & Cucumber Under Eye Cream, 15ml

The main ingredients in this under eye cream for soothing and hydrating the under eye area and reducing under eye circles and puffiness are caffeine powder, cucumber seed oil and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps the under eye area to stay plump. Cucumber seed oil helps in hydrating the area, whereas caffeine powder is known to promote microcirculation in the skin. The other botanical ingredients in the product are sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, lavender oil, vetiver oil and matricaria oil.

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